AAMIN was established in Somalia in 2006 by Somali professionals to address the most important sectors for the livelihood of the Somali community. These sectors include Food, Health, Education and Water and Youth Livelihood programs. AAMIN was also established to enable youth who are marginalized to secure sustainable jobs and employment opportunities equitably.

AAMIN has one BoD. The BOD supervises both AAMIN Ambulance and AAMIN Organization. However, AAMIN and AAMIN Ambulance have different management teams and staff as outlined later in this document. There are some shared responsibilities for staff as indicated on the organization structure.

AAMIN has a good relationship with the local authorities and communities and also a good reputation with project beneficiaries in the organization’s areas of coverage.
AAMIN is an active member of various networks that include South Central Somali Health Cluster and Somali Health Cluster and Food Security and Livelihood Cluster.

The association also maintains excellent relations with civil society organizations within the country in the various aspects of relief, development, peace building and human rights.

AAMIN is also registered in the Somali Federal Government (SFG) and respective regions that it operates.

Since AAMIN was founded, it has completed a dozen projects in Banadir, Hiran and Galguduud. The projects were conducted in partnership with leading humanitarian and development agencies including; UNOCHA, UNDP, W.H.O. USADF, NRC, ARC and IRC.

AAMIN Ambulance was established to provide free ambulance services to residents of Mogadishu after it has been observed that no functioning public ambulances services existed. The aim is to provide top notch emergency pre-hospital care to government and private clients in the Somalia. Our state-of-the-art ambulances are equipped with the latest technologies and staffed with carefully selected pre-hospital care professionals from all over the world. Aamin Ambulance has received an award from Ministry of Health and Social Services of the Federal Republic of Somalia and seeking to obtain the following certifications: ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS) and OHSAS 18001. We demonstrate our commitment to clients by the way we operate.

Until 2017, AAMIN Ambulance was part of AAMIN ORGANIZATION (formerly known as AAMIN VOLUNTARY AND RELIEF ORGANIZATION (AVRO), a registered civil society non-profit organization providing Health, Education (providing community training for the youth such carpentry, mobile repair, and tailoring workshops & rehabilitation of public schools), Job Placement/Employment, & Food Security and Livelihood. In 2017, the Board of Directors (BoD) decided to de-link Aamin Ambulance from Aamin Organization, but still part of AAMIN ORGANIZATION and finally registered as AAMIN Ambulance, is an independent entity under the supervision of the Board of Directors and has its own Director and management staff with an expanded role that included community prevention, response and recovery.

After years of conflict in Somalia, it is still difficult to securely access health care, the medical infrastructure is inadequate and many health professionals have left the country. Despite these challenging conditions, AAMIN AMBULANCE is among the Somali local health workers who are making considerable efforts to provide emergency care services.