One of the most visible ways in which rural poverty is manifested is poor shelter. In Somalia, there lacks an explicit and coherent rural shelter policy, just like many other post-crisis nations in the world. This has made shelter development become relegated to the bottom end of the rural development priority.

As of January 2015, UNHCR reports indicate an estimated 1.1 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Somalia, a country that has endured over 20 years of armed conflict and devastating drought conditions, and that has been labeled as one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.
AAMIN has been documenting available information on the housing situation in Somalia with a view to implementing interventions aimed at improving the shelter of marginalized people in Somalia.

AAMIN plans to come up with various interventions in the coming year with support from donors that are aimed at the following:

Provision of shelter for needy people in marginalized areas

Facilitating the construction of decent shelter for rural poor

Lobbying government to improve security of tenure and access to land

IDP response in coordination with other organizations and government agencies.

Providing basic services and infrastructure within marginalized communities.
Sensitizing rural communities on property rights and encouraging ownership.