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According to Centre for Humanitarian Change, Somalia WASH sector is operating in an extremely complex environment where socio-economic, environmental and political factors place WASH actors under tremendous pressure. Somalia is a water scarce country but it is also a country at war with collapsed infrastructure, limited sector governance and low availability of skilled personnel. The WASH sector has been dominated by short duration interventions intended to save lives and relieve the suffering of people affected by the combined shocks of conflict, drought, disease outbreaks and displacement.
AAMIN is currently working on a long term strategy and plans to implement various interventions in partnership with donors.

The interventions are aimed at achieving the following:

Supporting multi-use water systems as an alternative to water trucking. This will help improve the water supply in the rural areas.

Urban water supply by supporting the improvement of water supply infrastructure through lobbying.
Supporting government by recommending the use of information management systems to strengthen supply and service provision.

Hygiene and sanitation promotion by sensitizing communities on WASH, use of mass hygiene and sanitation promotion initiatives.
Supporting in the setting up of low cost sanitation programs for small towns and rural areas.


  • Fartun

    I admire your effort and the important and vital service you are providing for the community.
    Allah reward you for it

    I wanted to donate but was not able to thru your website.

    I suggest you mark the website so that it is easy for people to donate to your cause

    • 11:14 pm - October 28, 2018

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    • aamin

      Thanks fartun we will contact you is it possible to to send your phone?

      • 7:36 am - April 13, 2019

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