We believe that good nutrition is one of the key foundations for the development of a healthy, productive population. Good nutrition among the marginalized people in the community leads to better short and long term health and with it comes other benefits like education as children are able to stay in School. Economic benefits also accrue as the working population is able to remain productive.

AAMIN has developed a Nutrition Work Plan that has shaped some of the activities and initiatives we have ongoing in the country. The idea has been to contribute to the overall improvement of the status of Somali population especially the dietary diversity, feeding practices for infants and young children, maternal feeding practices and education on nutrition.
Aamin is achieving this by:

Research on the nutrition needs of the  Somali population in order to develop lasting solutions to address them.

Training affected communities on nutrition awareness in order to live more consciously with regard to their nutritional Distribution of de-worming solutions to communities in affected areas

Distribution of general food items to affected communities in Somalia.

Our interventions reflect universally accepted best practice and evidence-based programming. However, not all interventions proven effective in addressing malnutrition (The Lancet series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition) are feasible in the Somali context where the volatile environment, low access, weak infrastructure and legislative framework are major constraints. Therefore, our strategy aims to prioritize and adapt what is proven effective, with what is viable in the context.