Benadir: The Benaadir region consists of seventeen districts. Warta Nabada District was previously known as Wardhigley District until it was officially renamed in 2012. Kadha District was formed in 2013 and is still absent from most maps.

Lower Shebelle: Until 1984, when the regions were reassigned, it was part of the larger Benadir region and its capital was Mogadishu. However, the provincial capital is now Merca.

Hiraan: The Hiran region consists of eight districts and it is the biggest region in Somalia it is also the only undivided region since it was formed; Beledweyne District, Buuloburde District, Jalalaqsi District, Maxaas District, Moqokori District, Halgan District, Matabaan District

Galguduud: The region of Galgaduud and southern half of Mudug have formed the Galmudug State, which considers itself an autonomous state within the larger Federal Republic of Somalia, as defined by the provisional constitution of Somalia. Its capital is Dhusamareb. The Galguduud region consists of eight districts; Abudwaq District, Adado District, Dhusamareb District, Guri’el District, Balanbale District, Godinlabe District.