The impact of state failure on human development in Somalia has been profound, resulting in the collapse of political institutions, the destruction of social and economic infrastructure, and massive internal and external migrations. This is more pronounced in Central South Somalia where intermittent conflicts continue to destroy what has been left.

In partnership with donor organizations, AAMIN is provided vocational training to marginalized groups in Somalia. The programs are coordinated by the AAMIN staff on need basis based on availability of funds.
In the long run, AAMIN is working on a long term approach which combines the following key interventions to achieve success:

Offering scholarships to needy students in universities.

Monthly training forums targeting

marginalized groups in our areas of intervention.

Capacity strengthening for local institutions offering vocational trainings.

Design of a training curriculum for vocational training for use in Somalia

Policy interventions through lobbying in the Ministry of Education and Youth.

Entrepreneurship training to marginalized groups.

Linking vocational training with peace and reconstruction in-order to have a greater impact.